Top 10 explosive things about season's finale

Empire's season finale was epic, unexpected, exciting, unpredictable and much more. Check out 10 things about last night's finale.

The final episode of one of the undefined aired on Wednesday 19, 2015, in a two-hour show.

The show was undefined. From exciting to unexpected, from unpredictable to crazy, 'Empire' finale is one episode you won't mind watching over and over.

Here we go with the 10 epic things about season finale (there are spoilers, but then they would only get you excited);

  • Lucious tells Jamal that he loves him and is proud of him.
  • Lucious gets arrested for Bunkie's murder.
  • Cookie tries to snuff out Lucious’ life with a pillow.
  • Lucious doesn't have ALS... He isn't dying. His condition (myasthenia gravis) is treatable.
  • Hakeem is sleeping with Boo-boo Kitty (Anika). - Who saw that coming?
  • Uncle Vernon is dead!
  • Rhonda is pregnant, and she is the murderer.
  • Jamal had sex last night.
  • Seems like not dying cured Lucious' homophobia. He decided to name Jamal his successor.
  • Cookie and Anika's Catfight. Cookie threw wine in Anika's face 


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