Maisie Williams, best known around the world as kick-ass teenage heroine Arya Stark, from the hit TV show "Game of Thrones" has revealed she was the weird acting kid

But before the swords and direwolves, 18-year-old Williams was not always so assured.

"For a long time I thought 'I'm just a weird acting kid,'" says Williams.

"At school, kids didn't audition for things and I had a job at 12. But now I've met so many other people and I've realized that's very normal, everyone felt that weird segregation at some point".

After her huge success in "Games of Thrones," Williams is now taking her talents to the big screen. Last year she starred in supernatural drama "The Falling" in which a mysterious epidemic of fainting takes over the pupils at an English girls' school.

"The transition from Game of Thrones where I'm a small piece in a big puzzle, to something where you're taking the lead was very nerve-wracking," says Williams.

"The role I play in 'The Falling,' Lydia, was a character that I wanted to show other people that I could do. I had to leave it at home, the nerves of carrying the film, and actually prove to people that I have more confidence in it," she added.