There was shock and hysteria in the house of Professor Johnbull when the honest-to-goodness and self-effacing highlife star, Flavour suddenly appears in the Enugu (Nigeria) residence of the grandiloquent intellectual.

Here was a Professor Johnbull, who is seriously averse to the decision of his son, Churchill, an engineering-graduate, to tow the path of music as a career. Viewers will be treated to one of life's complexities as Professor Johnbull encounters Flavour. Will Professor Johnbull buckle and change his attitude to music as a profession or will he obstinately transfer to Flavour, his aversion to his son's musical passion?

In the episode, Professor Johnbull also dissects the issues of stars and household chores, parental guidance and child upbringing. This episode of the Glo-sponsored TV drama series, Professor Johnbull, which will run on Saturday at 7.30pm on UTV, is a must watch for all lovers of good and compelling drama.

Featuring the Nigerian superstar, Flavour, a Glo brand ambassador, this episode entitled A Good Flavour, deconstructs the erroneous notion that celebrities should be deified and should completely abstain from lifting any finger in the house.

Viewers who have never seen the soft side of Flavour in a typical home-setting will see a sharp contrast between the musician's disposition and that of the celebrity wannabe Churchill who has not even waxed a single album, yet carries on like he controls the entire universe from his palms.

Will Caro (Mercy Johnson Okojie), the illiterate house maid of the retired professor and Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye), his undergraduate daughter, who have never hidden their disdain for Churchill's unearned arrogance, find Flavour's humility a refreshing breath of fresh air?

What happens when the duo have the rare opportunity to whip Churchill back in shape? How does the disciplinarian professor react when Churchill's chickens come home to roost? These and many more didactic lessons will be presented to the viewing public.

In a statement issued by Glo, the company said that the entertaining social satire, through the episode, A Good Flavour, brings up the compelling need for parents to bring up their children properly as part of the all-important role of nation building.