Netflix will pay $500,000 if Lil Win and other celebrities promote my movie – Famous Multimedia’s CEO

The producer of the highly anticipated and star-studded movie, Enemies Are Not God, has lashed out at Kojo Nkansah Lil Win for not answering his calls to help promote the film.

Lil Win and Benjamin Sarpong

In a passionate, even angry tone, Benjamin Sarpong expressed distaste about the unwillingness of not just Lil Win but the other celebrated cast to help elevate the movie to their numerous fans; although he fingered Lil Win out.

Hours after his emotional outburst, Lil Win posted on his Facebook and Instagram handles a short promotional skit he did for the movie. This video has been posted on Famous Multimedia’s Instagram page since February 4, 2022.

“I don’t know why Lil Win is not answering my calls. I don’t owe him. If he would answer my calls then I will know what he wants, but as it stands now, he is not even answering my calls.”

He said this in a promotional interview with Ola Michael, host of Entertainment GH on Neat FM on 4th March, 2022. With them in the studio were Bill Asamoah, Adjetey Anang and Too Much of Junkie Town fame, who are all in the movie.

When it was his turn to speak, Benjamin made it clear that they could even neglect the purpose for coming on the show and focus on the laxity of the celebrated cast in promoting the movie.

“There are some issues we shouldn’t brush off. We can even stop the promotion of the movie and talk about this issue; talking about movie stars helping to promote our movies.

“It is time we become wise and speak the truth.”

During his outpouring, he pointed out that the movie was shot in 2020, at a time when COVID-19 was at its peak and the movie industry had grind to a halt.

“I borrowed money to shoot this movie against all odds to prevent the movie industry from collapsing. No one has borrowed money to shoot movies than me because I have passion for the work.”

He lamented that regardless of the neglect of the industry by the government, what bothers him mostly is the fact that the celebrities are not promoting the movie they are in themselves.

“You can decide not to come to the premiere but you just post the movie. If you like let’s survey the social media handles of all the stars who took part in the production of this movie and let’s see when they posted this movie. It’s sad!”

According to him, his team started promoting the movie in January 2022 but the star cast have not showed the same zeal they exhibited at the beginning of the production compared with the promotion of the movie.

Although Adjetey Anang agreed with him largely, Bill Asamoah brought out some factors that make movie stars act in this manner.

Adjetey Annan said actors and actresses have to “sacrifice” for the promotion of their movies and if they will not, they shouldn’t expect the movie industry to “thrive.” He asked that if the stars do not help in the promotion, “how will the producer get his returns so that he will call you on the next project?”

Bill accepted these points as valid but highlighted some underlying factors that make this fester.

“Some of the producers think they brought some of the actors into limelight”, so when it’s time for movie premiers they disregard the itinerary of the celebrities and expect them to show up without even involving them in the planning of the premieres. They feel they “own” the actors.

“Meanwhile, the job started on a sour note at the beginning of the project when you didn’t sign a contract with the actor. There might even be some sort of rift between the producer and the actor because, perhaps, the actor might not have received full payment.”

Benjamin, who produced “Ghetto Hero,” however made the point that “no celebrity can say Famous owes me on this movie.”

He continued that the “amount of money he owes is huge” and since Netflix is willing to pay $500,000 for the movie he spent $200,000 to produce, the celebrities should show a lot more enthusiasm to promote the film.

According to him, when a Cameroonian distributor whom he did not name, led him to the office of Netflix in the USA, the company checked the Instagram pages of the 49 celebrities who were cast for the movie and found out that their collective followers were 25 million.

“Netflix bargained with us based on the followers of the celebrities,” and are willing to pay the $500,000 if 1 million people attend the movie premieres.

“I’m telling you a secret here, I went to the USA, to the office of Netflix. They said they wanted to see the followers of the cast of the movie. I charged them 700,000 dollars. When they checked their followers, they said they will give me 500,000”

He added that “if I’m able to produce 10 movies such as this one, they will give me the rights to buy movies and sell it to them. So, they are watching how many people will attend my premiere.”

Premier of the movie will begin today, 5th March to 7th March at the Silverbird Cinemas.


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