Watch Kanye West audition in final season teaser

The "American Idol" final season promo features Kanye West's shocking and hilarious audition on show.

Recently, there were reports that undefined performing his song “Gold Digger” for judges undefined, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban.

In a newly released promo clip, the rapper is seen standing in front of the judges for an audition.

The promo clip features an excited Lopez saying "Is this Kanye West?." “What are you doing here,? she added.

The promo clip also  focuses on the show’s past joke contestants, including William Hung and Sanjaya.

In May, it was announced that the show will undefined, after its 15th season on FOX.

According to FOX, the upcoming final run will include tributes to the show's past 14 seasons.

Its final run and 15th season will begin in January.

Watch clip below;

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