Bryan The Mensah is a contemporary artiste, designer and producer from Accra, Ghana. Bryan grew up in the city of Accra where the flame of his interests for creative art first sparked up. After working with several engineers, artists and producers during his days in St. Augustines College, he decided to pursue music as a career in 2014.

He then joined forces with three other artists under a collective name TH'FRVNCHMVN (Pronounced ‘The Frenchmen’) from which their debut album entitled “2.0” was released. The album was executively produced by NeL Magnum. The reception for the album was massive.

This inspired Bryan to explore more in terms of his music and art in general. In 2015, Bryan released his first EP (which he later decided to call a mixtape) 'Just So I Could Shock Everybody' under the alias Denny Mâdéit. The project which lacked the necessary marketing and push did not make as much waves as BRYAN expected.

However, it was still extremely well appreciated among the little fanbase he had grown for himself at the time. He also released a beat tape called 'SUMMER AND HAIR' within that same year where he used samples from soundtracks of world famous movies such as Disney's 'Lion King' and Dreamworks' 'Prince Of Egypt'. This put Bryan on the scene as a very daring and explorative producer.

In 2016, he founded PLEGISHES, a design and tech company aimed at creating new ways to express art and creativity as well as to develop African brands digitally. This was launched online via a digital Art Collection which touched on concepts such as National Development, Social change, Self-Confidence and Self-consciousness.

Late 2016, Bryan announced that he'll be releasing his debut album entitled “Road To Hastafari” in 2021. He hasn't revealed any details about it just yet but after the successful release of his debut EP “Friends With The Sun” in August 2017, this project looks very promising.

"Friends with the Sun" is Bryan the Mensah’s first EP. It delves into his life and gives off a bit of himself, his emotional battles and how he and other millennials are surviving in a world that seems out to get them.

"Friends with the Sun" is about facing your fears, challenges and obstacles and making them work for you as an opportunity instead of a hindrance.

It’s the perfect combination of hope, faith and pidgin English in sonically crafted magic.

Here's a link to his new EP “Friends With The Sun”. Click HERE to stream.