Bulldog Tells 'How Charterhouse Schemed And Took Jobs From Other Companies With Their Dirty Tactics'

Bulldog, who has worked with Charterhouse for over 7 years has come out to blast his former employer in a very lengthy facebook post.

The manager of controversial Dancehall star, Shatta Wale has 'spitted fire' at Charterhouse, the organisers of Ghana Music Awards over secrets that is known to a few. Bulldog, who has worked with Charterhouse for over 7 years has come out to blast his former employer in a very lengthy facebook post.

Resorting to his official Facebook page, he posted (unscripted):

“I am a believer of hard work, I also believe you have worked very hard to get to where you are. That’s why I respected you. I am however bothered, when you try to deprive others of reaching their goals.

It was learning process working with your firm. Let me actually thank Mr. Philip Ayesu for that opportunity. During that period, I watched how you took advantage of your staff and watched for seven or eight years, how you schemed and took jobs from other companies with your dirty tactics. How you downplayed and used Ghanaian artistes and industry people to your advantage and to their detriment.


You never sowed any seed in this Ghanaian Industry but have cleverly reaped. You took advantage of Highlife/Hiplife, and for over a decade, built everything you owe on it. Some may say it’s a smart business move. And I have no qualms with seeing potential business and taking advantage. But spitting in one’s face afterwards? Not fair!

I am not against Charterhouse Music Awards (CMAs), but it’s nauseating, the fact that you feel it’s a favour for the musician rather than an enterprise. Okraku Mante, Abraham Ohene Djan, Fred Kyei Mensah, Goodies and Ageicoat, just to mention a few, have invested deeply in this industry for you to reap.

If any of the aforementioned was organizing Ghana Music Awards, I am sure they will handle it differently, according the proper respect to participants. Not to say awards go without controversies.

When you pay for studio, video, promotional and welfare fees in the development of an artiste, you will acknowledge the torment musicians and investors go through. Then maybe accord the industry and its players the respect they deserve. You plunder our sweat and toil.

Almost every staff that resigned from your firm, automatically becomes an enemy, because you think they have something on you. You will go to every length to try and knock down their hustle. You are battling your C. O. O. over shares, after he helped you build your empire.


Ignace of 4syte TV has experienced your covetous ways, Fred Darko one of your most dedicated staff, you have an issue with all because of greed. And countless others that you have issues with for no apparent reason.

My advice to you and your greedy wife is to stay in your lane and continue to do your hiplife and highlife awards. If not for Shatta Wale and Bass Awards, did you know what dancehall was? Here again, as a gluttonous person… you think you found an opportunity to reap.

Please dancehall is not hiplife or highlife. And all the acts in that genre of music are wise.

For over a decade, Samini has won awards on your platform, why didn’t you create a category to help grow dancehall as a genre. Why didn’t you give an opportunity to its participants, but waited for Bass Awards to put it on a platform for you to take advantage of?

All of a sudden you are connoisseurs of the genre, determining who is dancehall king and queen? Using dancehall to drive your no longer credible award scheme.


Please if you choose to use dubious means to knock our hustle I will expose you. We feed our families with the jobs we do, likewise you. We have not in anyway attempted to deny you a meal at the dining table, so please don’t return the favour.

Am sure after reading this, you will say I’m ungrateful. Please feel free to reply openly with all the help you offered me while working for you. IF YOU DID.

If not, I am expecting a bailiff to deliver a writ of summons from your lawyers… You can sue me too, I won’t have a dime for your materialistic self. Live and lets live. You can’t have everything!”


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