The recently signed artiste to the UK Based-Ghanaian Record Label [Gbevu Music Group], Jay Quayson is a male vocalist and song writer. He made headlines some weeks ago on most Ghanaian print and social media platforms after he expressed his discretion that Ghanaian Artistes ungratefully fail to acknowledge song writers who are the main brains behind most of their hit tracks and popular songs to which they are hailed for. Specifically citing himself as a victim to these sad occurrences.

Last week, the GMG record label released Jay Quayson's "Paradise" dance video as part of promotional strategies laid down to create awareness before the official video to be released in January 2016. The video featured Sherrie Silver and her dance group in UK. According to GMG, Jay is set to release a new single which will take the industry by storm. In an interview with, the management decided to keep further details about the genre of the song secret which will be a surprise for the fans.

The title of the new track is "Asamoah Gyan". It is an artistic piece written, composed and performed by Jay Quayson. The instrumentation of the track was done by Bentil Beats. The song talks about how ladies of our time and generation automatically get attracted to guys who are rich and famous as if it is some sort of magnetic force. Jay narrates how women will easily fall in love and do everything possible to seduce, befriend and date celebrities.

Caroline Sampson, the silky voice on Radio and a YFM Presenter has been a fan of Jay Quayson from day one of  his musical career. Upon listening to a snippet of the new track, she said she had also fallen in love with Asamoah Gyan because of the melodious rhythm of the music. The song will premiered on Yfm Shouts On Y which is hosted Caroline from 12noon to 3pm. It will released online, so fans of good music are advised to note the date down and keep their fingers crossed and download buttons ready.