Gospel musician, Nana Osei, known in showbiz circles as Nacee is set to release a love song.

“It’s a beautiful piece. Nacee’s yet to be released album is called “Counsellor” where he advises people based on marital issues. That is what he is delving into. And to be able to do that, he needs to come down to the people. You can’t be there and be saying something to the people when they don’t understand. How do you make them understand? You use everyday life as an example for them to understand,” he revealed.

According to Ashes, the decision to come out with a love song is not an indication that Nacee has returned to secular music. He noted that although the song talks about love, relationship and marriage, the lyrics are clean.

“Originally, Nacee is a highlife person. Most of his creativity dwells around highlife, the ministry took him, he is perfect there and he is still in the ministry. What he is doing is not like highlife. It is gospel, mixed with highlife. He is not going to say any profanity. It’s purely love based. It advises young couples, those who have problems with marriages,” Ashes stated.

Nacee who is a music producer and leader of gospel music group, No Tribe, has worked with both secular and gospel artistes including Obour, Antwi ne Antwi, Ohemaa Mercy, OJ and Herty Borngreat.