Pulse Review: Wendy Shay's "Masakra" is just a clone of Ebony's "Hustle"

Wendy Shay might just prove critics right about her music style in her latest song, "Masakra".

Wendy Shay and Ebony Reigns

The label which houses one of the current hottest female songstresses in Ghana, Wendy Shay, dropped what they described as a Christmas banger, titled “Masakra” for their frontline artiste.

But upon release, fans on social media went in on Wendy Shay for recording a song they claim is similar to that of late Ebony Reigns – who was under the same record label before she met her untimely death on February 8, 2018.

Wendy Shay has been attacked since she was introduced by her label in June this year for ‘copying’ the late Ebony Reigns’ style of music.

Even though she has come out to deny any similarities with the “Maame Hw3” hitmaker, fans keep throwing negative comments under her new releases – and compare her works to Ebony’s.

And just like any other record, fans believe Wendy Shay took inspiration from Ebony’s “Hustle” for her latest “Masakra”.

So, what is the truth and why the whole fuss about the new song?

Song concept and beat

The two songs have different concepts. Ebony’s “Hustle” addresses everyday struggles among Ghanaians whiles Wendy Shay’s "Masakra" addresses her new life. Wendy claimed, in the song, that she has turned a new leaf after her sex scandal with her manager Bullet, social media gaffes and wardrobe malfunctions received backlashes.

But the beats, produced by the same producer – Danny Beatz, have issues. The songs’ BPMs are in the range of 150 – specifically presto tempo. And finally, they are both afrobeats/highlife songs with similar kicks.

Visual concept

The visual for Wendy Shay's "Masakra" shows the singer traipse through the streets with a jazz band and choreographers, entertaining the people they meet. And in Ebony’s “Hustle”, the same setup and similar scenes are seen.

Interestingly, Mickey Johnson, the director for Ebony Reigns’ “Hustle” visual, directed Wendy Shay’s “Masakra”.


The two songs are not similar lyrically but it’s safe to say they are similar in terms of the whole production and package. From record production to visuals, the songs share similar traits – and this cannot be tucked away from fans.

The producer and the film director could have done something different since it is believed Wendy Shay is living under Ebony's shadow.

Perhaps, the similarities in the two songs are her management's decision since their never-ending controversies are working for the artiste.

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