Valentine's Day: 10 perfect Nigerian songs for the Booless

Being single at Valentine shouldn't feel bad as you're not alone.

10 perfect Nigerian songs for the Booless

If you find yourself in this category, don't fret. Turn your attention to things that make you happy while finding comfort in the knowledge that love will someday find you. These are 10 songs you can listen to while at it:


From the Boo of the Booless himself, this song encourages you to keep hope alive and trust that you will soon find your person who will treat you right and stay with you.

This song reminds you that someday, the man you desire will find you and you will have someone to call your own.


A beautiful rendition that tells you to believe you're enough and that the temporary lack of a romantic partner shouldn't plant doubts in your heart.

If you're tempted to call your ex due to loneliness, this song reminds you to resist the temptation. Remember the reasons two of you failed to work and don't let Valentine's day send you back into the arms of an ex.


Feeling the pain of being loveless on Valentine's day? Take the pain away by singing along to this beautiful record.


If you're feeling alone with nothing to hold on to, remember that the moment will pass and you have the strength to pull through valentine's day even if you have no one to tell you they love you.

Cheer yourself up with this classic record that tells you to keep your head up and enjoy yourself as a single person on valentine's day.


While others celebrate their lovers, don't hesitate to celebrate breaking free from a bad relationship knowing that you're doing great without the person.

If you're a ladies' man who has failed to commit to one woman, you can celebrate your lifestyle with this song while others celebrate their partners.


If you would rather try some cynicism, you can go for this international smash hit to remind yourself that many celebrating valentine would someday have their own taste of heartbreak.

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