Well, one would have thought that after making good use of his late father’s barbershop to become a billionaire, 40-year-old Indian man would have sat home to enjoy the fruit of his labour, while his employees continue to work for him.

However, Ramesh Babu has refused to leave the barbershop. He is still a barber despite all his affluence.

He was just 7-years-old when his father died, leaving the family poorer than before.

When he turned age 14, the young boy decided to take over the late father’s barbershop to help provide for the family, as he did not have the wherewithal to educate himself.

Having worked and saved a substantial amount of money, Ramesh Babu thought it prudent to change the face of the business to make it flourish better. He opened a Maruti van that served as a barber shop, and that seems to be the turning point for him.

Through the barbering business, he currently has over 200 luxury cars consisting of BMW’s, Mercedes’ brands among others in his fleet.

Since he has refused to quit the barbering personally and still maintain the business, Ramesh Babu obviously would hardly have time to drive his luxury cars, so he again thought it wise to rent them for extra income and makes about 50,380.97 Indian Rupee (GHS3,844) on a daily basis, reports say.

He drives Rs 3.1 crore Rolls-Royce Ghost to his shop to cut hair for his customers, saying he simply cannot forget his humble beginning by quitting barbering just because he has made wealth enough.

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Ramesh Babu who said he and his mother did not have the luxury of even two square mill a day after the demise of his father, is now a multi-million business owner.

Reports say his car rental business is central to his India’s tourism industry because tourists prefer to rent his cars.

Would you remain as humble as Ramesh Babu if you were in his shoes?