The Nigerian man identified on Twitter as Okoye Agulu took to the social media platform to disclose that his lover demanded 5 million naira for their wedding.

According to him, his girlfriend told him that she wanted a 4 million naira wedding, and he will also give her 1 million to plan her Asoebi and other wedding expenses.

Since Okoye Agulu could not afford the kind of wedding his fiancée wanted and did not know how to opt-out of the relationship, he decided to go to a hospital to forge a medical report, claiming he was AS, so they couldn’t marry because she was AS too.

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Much as it sounds unconventional, it worked for him anyway.

“I once dated this girl, she told me that we will do 4Million Naira wedding, I will deposit 1million in her account for wedding expenses and also she will sell asoebi cloth. To cut d story short, I went to the hospital and forged medical report that I am AS because she is AS. She cried, I cried We move,” Okoye Agulu wrote on Twitter.