Kiki took to social media to add her voice to the campaign as pressure continues to mount on the government of Nigeria by various influential persons even from outside West Africa’s biggest economy.

SARS was established as part of the Nigerian police’s Criminal Investigating Department to fight armed robbery, kidnapping, and communal clashes but the civilians find its activities over the period as abuse and terrorism.

The #EndSARS campaign has been ongoing for some days now with the hope that the Buhari-led government would heed the voices of the citizenry.

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The SARS-related brutalities have been ongoing for some time but what has triggered the campaign against it now was a viral video of a man allegedly being killed by some operatives of the squad which was circulated on social media.

Kiki has joined the protest by sharing a photo of the #EndSARS campaign which she captioned: “POLICE BRUTALITY MUST END NOW. #endpolicebrutality #endsars”.