5 reasons why you should try period sex

Medically, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have sex during your monthly blood flow. 

Period sex

Most people cringe when the topic of sex during menses comes up. For most, rejection is as a result of religious preferences whiles others would avoid the whole messy episode. But if you have been avoiding it because of medical reasons, then I have good news for you. 

There is no medical reason not to have sex whilst in your period. None! Your partner would not be infected by your period blood unless you already have an infection. Whether having sex on your period or not, always practice safe sex to prevent the spread of STI’s. 

For some, they are most fertile during their periods and this makes conception very easy at that time. Women who have less than 25 days cycle with flow duration of 4 -6 days can enter their fertile window while they are still menstruating. 

So for these women they can only get pregnant when sex happens during menstruation. 

It’s safe to have sex whilst on your period. In fact, orgasms have been known to relieve menstrual cramps and menstrual migraines. 

Having an orgasm would cause your muscles to contract and push out the contents of the uterus faster. Resulting in quick easy and shorter flow days. 

For some women, menstruation is the time they are most horny. It is only natural that they have some action on those days. 

If you experience vaginal dryness a lot, your blood can serve as extra lubrication during sex. Which ultimately increases pleasure. 

Try a comfortable sex position especially if this is your first time having period sex. You may choose to spread a dark coloured towel on the bed to soak up any blood leaks. Or simply have sex in the bathroom to avoid any mess. 

And don’t forget to use a condom especially if you don’t know your partners STI status, whether you are having oral, penile or anal sex. 

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