Salted tilapia popularly called Kobi is one of the underrated seasonings in Ghana. Fresh tilapia, when marinated with salt and dried for days, becomes salted tilapia. 

It is one of the best seasonings available on the market. The price range depends on the size and freshness of the fish. Usually, people prefer to buy the smaller sizes when using it as a seasoning and the big ones when it would be served as part of a dish like light soup.

Tilapia smoked or salt is an excellent source of vitamins and proteins. It is rich in niacin, vitamin B12, phosphorus, selenium and potassium.

Tilapia is also a lean source of protein, with only 3 grams of fat per serving. Here are 5 five local dishes that you can prepare with salted tilapia for extra flavour.

  • Eggs stew
Boiled yam with egg stew

Egg stew is one of the quickest stews usually eaten with boiled yam. Kobi plays an important in this recipe.

  • Fish Light soup
Light soup

Fish light soup is very medicinal and easy to prepare. Usually, just a small portion of salted tilapia is put in the soup to unify the content in the pan and elevate the taste and aroma of the soup.

  • Beans stew
Beans stew with vegetable oil

During the preparation process, soak the salted tilapia in water for 5 minutes and gently cut the fins using a sharp knife. Heat oil and onion in a non-stick pan over low heat. After 5 minutes, add the salted tilapia, cook for another 5 minutes, remove it and set it aside. When it cools down, remove all the bones and add it the oil, pepper and tomatoes. 

  • Eto
How to prepare 'Etɔ' (Mashed Plantain)

Eto, is usually eaten during special occasions like birthdays, menarche and traditional weddings. To add flavour to your Eto, all you need is to saute the onions with salted tilapia. Set it aside and remove the bones before you add it to boiled yam or ripe plantain.

  • Okro soup
Smoked fish okro soup (Photo credit - Telandeworld)

Salted beef, salted tilapia and pork are the best trio for Okro soup. These days, people are finding creative ways to add dry mud-fish to their soup or Okro soup but the fact still remains that salted tilapia is the main ingredient.