Culture Shock: 10 hilarious stories from Nigerians abroad

Imagine someone not thanking you today for what you did yesterday. The audacity!

A black man in shock. (Classic105)

Nigerians abroad are using Twitter to share the first/ most jarring moments of culture shock they’ve experienced while settling into new places all around the world. And yes, it’s just as interesting as one would expect of a thread like that.

We’ve rounded up 10 interesting and fascinating stories from that conversation initiated by user, Olabinjo [@binjoadeniran]

1. This one, OAU lecturers will have to unlook. LOL


2. Idumota women left this chat

3. Lmao. Nigerian employers, come and see your mates o


4. A Nigerian living in Lagos may have died from all the possible 'shocks' in this single tweet

5. This brings that Prof Wole Soyinka airplane story to mind

6. Lmao. Imagine a Yoruba mummy in this situation...


7. Oh, snap!

8. Somebody said abroad weather shocked doctrine out of this Deeper Life sister


9. I can’t even blame this guy. I for do same

10. When you go from Naija to a place where they don’t honk like hoodlums


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