DIY Recipes: How to make Potato porridge (Potato pottage)

This recipe is a delicious twist to traditional yam porridge.

Potato porridge


2 big Irish Potatoes (spuds)

1 cooking spoon red palm oil

1 onion


Pork bits (optional)

Fresh paprika

1 teaspoon ground crayfish

1 cup leafy green

Black pepper (to taste)


Salt (to taste)


Put the cubes of potatoes into a pot.

Add the pork bits if using it, black pepper, crayfish, some of the onions, the homemade stock (or seasoning cubes), palm oil and pour water to just under the level of the potatoes. The quantity of water you add is very important.

Cover the pot and start cooking on high heat.


Keep an eye on it because you need to catch it as soon as the potatoes are done but not too soft. You know the potatoes are done when you can drive a knife into it without resistance.

When that happens, you will also notice that the liquid in the pot is thickening, add the remaining onions, the chopped paprika and whatever leafy vegetable you are using.

Cover the pot and continue cooking. Once the vegetable wilts, this should take at most 30 seconds, mix everything very well with a spatula.

Taste for salt and add if necessary. I say if necessary because pork bits contain a lot of salt, seasoning cubes contain salt, crayfish has a salty taste. So you may not need more salt if you are using all these ingredients.

Once everything is well combined, it is done.


Serve it for lunch or dinner.


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