Travelling with your significant other is easier said than done. Check out things you should pack to make the trip memorable.

  • Makeup kits

Try to look your best when you are going out. Just be sure to stick to these essentials: waterproof mascara, light foundation, and a multiple stick/highlighter, and lip gloss. You’ll be perfect!

  • Toiletries

Don’t take any chances especially when you are with bae. Take your tissues and portable hand wipes because you’ll need them both day and night.

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  • Sunglasses

For the comfort and classy; take your sunglasses to eye some guys without them knowing.

  • Lingerie

Travelling with bae basically means enjoying each others company. Perfect moment to revamp your sex life. Buy the latest lingerie design especially for this trip and show him your sex moves. Don’t forget to take your lubricants, candles and sex toys.


You should take swimsuits that will cover your body and compliments your color. Just look perfect and beautiful.

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White shorts

White shorts are a wardrobe that’s easy to pair with every top and shoe. If you feel like showing off her flawless skin, slip on your white shorts and sneakers.

  • Form-fitting dress

Select something from your wardrobe that will flaunt your curves and make you stand out. A form-fitting dress that will leave him breathless for your date night.

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  • Running shoes

Whether you are home or enjoying with bae at a coded location, you need to workout for general well being. Stay fit to practice for any task ahead in the bedroom.