Dating someone with more sexual experience than you can be both a blessing and a curse.

The upside is that your partner has the knowledge and means necessary to give you a pleasurable experience in the bedroom.

The downside is that you are more likely to question the source of their prowess and whether you can live up to the standards that they present in the relationship.

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  • Schedule time to talk about sex

You can’t talk about your sexual insecurities while driving your wife to work or during breakfast. Schedule a date or a weekend away from the children and discuss how to make the sex life more exciting.

  •  List the things you want to discuss

Sex is a touchy subject so list all the things you want to discuss with your partner on that special day. It will gather your thoughts before you talk to your partner.

  • Be open-minded

It’s going to be difficult for someone who’s admittedly insecure, but it can be done. Be ready to compromise just as you want your partner to do something out of their comfort zone for you.

Think of possible answers to the questions you’re about to ask, and brace yourself when these answers are said. This way, you’ll know how to face anything no matter what comes up during the conversation.

  • Do not judge your partner

Be ready for the unexpected since you’ve given them the opportunity to share their deepest secrets with you. Think carefully before about any question before replying.

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  • Ask them not to judge you

I’m not going to say that if your partner really loved you, they’ll accept you for who you are.

In order to avoid upsetting your partner, ask them first not to judge you. Reassure them that your past may help define who you are, but it is not completely what they should expect from you in the present or in the future.