Dating someone with kids? 3 key things to know

Dating someone with children can be a complicated affair.


There are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to dating someone with kids.

Essentially, you’re not just dating the mom or dad, you’re going to become part of their family structure one way or another.

If you don't manage to share a healthy equation with your partner's kids, you can land in a world of pain and drama.

Here are some basic ways to keep equilibrium in the relationship and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

  • Remember the kids will always be a priority

You have to get your head around this fact - your partner's kids will always get top priority. You cannot show your resentment towards this non-negotiable factor. So, you need to adjust to situations when they will need to be with their kids, come what may.

  • Don't rush to be friends with the kids 

Of course, you can't wait to meet the most important people in your partner's life. But, wait a little, and let them take their time before they introduce you to their kids. Children will need time to get adjusted to the fact that their parents will now have a new person in their life to shower attention on. Meet only when they are comfortable about getting introduced to you.

  • You will need to learn to deal with the ex

In this particular case, you need to deal with your partner's ex as well because she/he is a co-parent and will have a say in all the parenting decisions your partner would be making. So, devise a strategy to avoid feeling insecure and anxious about the ex; instead, let your partner deal with them without involving you.


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