For couples: 4 times you may not be interested in sex and it's absolutely normal

There are times that is absolutely normal for you or your partner may not be interested in having sex.

Couple in bed

An active sex life is important to relationship satisfaction to the extent that it's important to the people in that relationship.

But let’s face it, there are times when you're just not in the mood for sex. And this may be due to several reasons.

It’s tough to know where you fall on the “not wanting to have sex” spectrum, but here are some times when experts say it’s totally normal that you’re not interested in sex:

  • During menstruation

Aside from the uncomfortable cramping, not to mention bloating, that comes along with menstruation, it’s no surprise if you and your partner are not interested in sex when menstruating.

Some folks aren’t put off by blood, but most women tend to feel inward and vulnerable during their period.

  • You’re experiencing side effects from medication

Many medications, ranging from antidepressants to blood pressure medication, to heart medication to others can hurt both men's and women's sex drives.

Unfortunately, patients are not always informed of these side effects when a physician prescribes their medications. If you think your medication is messing with your sex drive, let your doctor know, as he or she may be able to prescribe you something else instead.

  • You just had a baby

Not only has a new mother’s body just been through a physical trauma, which she is healing from, but she is also completely and utterly exhausted.

Her hormones are also in a bit of an uproar, and if she is experiencing postpartum depression, that is all the more reason she would be unlikely to seek out sex.

  • You realise your partner cheated

This is a traumatic experience for anyone in a relationship, but especially for the partner who was cheated on. For this reason, it can take some time to re-engage in sexuality. “It takes time for a couple to rebuild their relationship and their trust.

You may be surprised to hear, however, that with some couples, their sex life is uninterrupted by the discovery of an affair, or it can even increase.


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