Ladies, here’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed of the number of men you have slept with

Media personality, Shade Ladipo has advised that women should not be ashamed of the number of men they have slept with.

Media personality, Shade Ladipo

According to her, sex-shaming women for the number of men they’ve slept with is outmoded. She advised women to hold their heads high and own their trysts with their whole chest.

Shade Ladipo shared this this in a post on her Insta Story.

She maintained that there was nothing wrong with a woman who has a string of bedmates to her name. She absolves all responsibility as she describes it as ‘just sex’, not a heinous crime like murder.

“You see that thing when you try to shame a woman by saying You wey fck so so and so. Yeah, it’s old. Ladies, there’s no shame in how many people you have slept with. Sex-shaming, especially when done to women, is older than Methuselah. Ladies, pls hold ur head high,” she wrote.


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