Are you prepped for Cupid’s big day; Valentine’s Day. The most romantic 24 hours of the year is almost here.

You can have the most memory filled Valentine’s Day with breaking a bank.

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Here are some more tips on how best to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day together.

Take a staycation break

Spending Valentine’s Day together as a couple for the first time can be confusing; you don’t know what to do. If you don’t want to whisk your partner away this Valentine’s Day, a staycation is perfectly accepted. Book a hotel in a serene and safe environment and spend enjoy the company of each other without any interruptions.

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Romantic date night

For newlyweds, it is better to keep things simple. Have a romantic dinner, see a movie, go the beach. It is important to use this moment to reaffirm your love for one another.

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Buy gifts

Spend some thoughts on a gift for your spouse. By now, you should know what will make your partner head over heels in love with you. Invest, strengthen your relationship and make your spouse happy.

It doesn’t have to be something expensive, something that has a special meaning for your partner.

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Spend Valentine’s Day with the extended families

Your parents are not likely to ask for attention on Valentine’s Day, even though they really miss your presence and cuddle. Once you are married, every day is special for you and your spouse.

This means you can spend some hours at the with your families. Likewise, you can dedicate some time to an elderly person, you might not receive any love from anyone else on February 14.