Are there is any impact of joblessness on a

If your partner calls or sends you a text that she has lost her job how will you receive the message?

Will you console her and help her find another job or you will think of breaking up with her due to the economic difficulties we are facing as a country.

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This is what some Ghanaian men had to say:

1.    Don’t worry honey, the Lord will take care of you.

2.    Sorry Baby, I’m coming home.

3.    Just chill, they don’t give a breathe

4.   Sorry babes, I will try my best to find you a job.

5.    Baby, I believe there is a better opportunity that awaits you. God had to allow you to let go so he can let you have what he has prepared for you. The company has lost its best employee. It’s their loose. I believe in you and it is definitely going to be ok. I got you covered!

6.    The best is ahead of us so don’t worry. For your needs, I’ll take care of it the best I can.

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7.    Don’t worry we will be well. We will get a better one.

8.    Everything is going to be alright. You will definitely get a new job.

9.    No worries, all will be well. Just work hard towards your goals.

10.   It’s okay, you will find a better one. There are many opportunities out there for you.