10 tips on how to date a very rich partner

A successful woman will settle for nothing less.

Get personal

Listen to her while she talks and delves deeper into her likes and dislikes (food, music, games, clothes among others). You may be surprised to find you have much more common ground and goals than you thought.

  • Be honest about your insecurities

It doesn’t matter whether your partner is a rich or medium class, communication is just as important as trust and honesty in every relationship.

If it bothers you that she takes you to fancy restaurants, buys you designer suits, takes to star-studded events, talk to her about how her actions make you feel. Tell her about things that make you uncomfortable, especially when you are starting out in your relationship.

  • Work hard and invest more

Let her success story be an inspiration for you to work hard to achieve your dreams. If you’re intimidated by her success, fame and social status, then start making the right financial decisions now. Besides, every woman wants a man who plans ahead, save for his future and still has a better life.

  • Have fun together

Spending quality time together is something every couple should do to strengthen their relationship. Just because she is a boss doesn’t mean she should have a boring life.

It won’t be easy choosing a date for the trip due to her busy schedule but eventually, things might change. She will find time out of her chaotic schedule to be with you.

  • Plan weekend getaways

she’s the boss of her own firm, or she goes to different countries on business trips, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to be a big part of her life. You notice how important you are to her if she carves time out of her chaotic schedule to see you.

  • Be more creative with gifts

If you want to win her, then try to something extraordinary not extravagant. Let’s get serious here. She might probably have whatever gift you are a plan to give her.

Sometimes, a sweet gesture can make your partner's day, even if it's done in the smallest way.

Plan outings to someplace she’s never been to. It doesn’t have to be some luxury destination, look for a serene place with a beautiful setting to create new memories.

  • Be the man

She is the boss in the office when it comes to your relationship, you should make her feel special. Treat her just like you would any woman in your life. Be the perfect gentleman, plan your dates, open doors for her, make decisions together and pamper her.

  • Split the bill

It’s perfectly fine to split bills after the first few dates when things are going on smoothly. This is especially true when you move in together or cohabitate.


You each must contribute your share on an equal percentage of your income. Furthermore, if she wants an activity out of your budget, be honest enough to tell her about it.

You never know she might understand the situation and swap it out with a more cost-friendly activity. If she offers to treat you or pay for her share, accept it graciously.

  • Grooming is a necessity

“If there are no ugly women, only lazy ones”, to paraphrase Helena Rubinstein, then the same applies to men. Let’s face it. All successful people steals attention with their looks even before they speak when they go to public places.

Grooming makes you feel confident, builds your self-respect and branding.  A successful woman will settle for nothing less.

  • Exhibit world-awareness

Successful women find time to read about what’s happening in the world outside their field of work. You need to keep yourself updated with current news in order to be able to keep up with her.


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