5 things women find it difficult to reveal to their partner

Everybody keeps a secret from their partner to protect them.

  • Working experience

Those who are born with silver spoons that are still feeding them might not have any working experience. To avoid being judged and called name, they don't disclose their past working history.

  • Sexual fantasies

The habit of getting a head start is gradually becoming a norm among the youth and most popular with the women. They satisfy themselves halfway before the main game.

While most couples are comfortable with missionary and cowgirl sex positions, some people can't go a week without trying any of the 50 shades of grey, types of sex positions that require a lot of stamina and skills.

  • Abortion

Sex and communication play an important role in every marriage or relationship. Whatever the reasons might be, some women decide to abort their baby and move on with their life. Some people are very judgemental, so when they find the right person to walk down the aisle with, they don't revisit such part of their life.

  • Who they communicating with

Some men in a relationship don’t want their partners to have anything to do with other men even with their brother and male colleagues at work. In order to protect the people they are talking with, they try to hide their identity to prevent their men from confronting them.

  • How much they invest in their looks

There are always things to buy for the household or project to invest money in.

Some men lose their temper when they found out the amount their partner spends on her looks. To avoid being inconsiderate when they spend a staggering amount on their cosmetic, hair and dresses, women hide the right figures from their significant other.


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