Anonymous hacktivists, disciples of Guy Fawkes, have launched a campaign against

Since the beginning of his political campaign, billionaire candidate, Donald Trump, has enjoyed sort of permanent media coup, shaking the American political landscape and causing many reactions.

However, the man with the improbable hairstyle may have incurred the wrath of a group of hacktivists known as Anonymous. In one video, a man wearing the famous Guy Fawkes mask, indicates that they declare "total war" against the candidate.

Anonymous' main aim, it seems, is not only to take offline the sites linked to the Trump empire through DDoS attacks, but apparently also to uncover embarrassing facts which would lead to an end of his political career.

Anonymous say in the video, they are attacking Trump because his "inconsistent and hateful campaign shocked the United States of America and the whole world with his ideas and distressing actions." Thus, the collective is urging hackers to join the hashtag #OpTrump and hack into the website on April 1.

Other sites "professional" as, or are targeted, as well as the two campaign sites, and

Anonymous have posted personal information of Trump, including his Social Security number.

It is still unclear whether the operation of Anonymous will shake Donald Trump and crush his campaign. A clue perhaps? The video was posted on March 4 and had so far not made much noise ...