The prices of petroleum products are expected to be reduced again by about 2 percent this week.

The first reduction led to 4 pesewas drop in the prices of petroleum products by the Oil Marketing Companies.

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The reduction follows developments on the global market.

Petrol prices are expected to drop by 10 pesewas per litre. This means that consumers should be buying a litre of petrol for 4 cedis 75 pesewas.

A gallon of petrol will drop from 21 cedis 83 21 cedis 38 pesewas.

This is because the price of petrol is dropping on the global market as supply has exceeded demand.

However, the price of diesel is likely to remain the same or see any significant drop.

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This is because the price of diesel on the global market has seen little or no drop as demand is higher than supply.

Currently, a litre of the product could be sold to you at 4 cedis 85 pesewas or 21 cedis 83 pesewas per gallon.

Meanwhile, the Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC), Duncan Amoah has welcomed the reduction saying they hope the prices go down further.

“We would wish that the prices go down further as well as the discussion on taxes on fuel products are not forgotten completely. We would also wish that the option of hedging when prices go down, should be exploited fully so that we do not wait until such a time where OPEC’s meeting at the end of the month to decide on whether to increase or cut production, may have another effect on global pricing,” he told Accra-based Citi FM.