We celebrate John Warnock, one of the Adobe’s founder, for his great insight which made possible the c

Without him, not only would we be lagging large files around, our documents would be at a security risk too.

Over the years, PDF format has evolved to become the acceptable standard format for sharing data, especially in our paperless corporate world. Its competency to be viewed across different operating systems and not only that which it was originally created from, without loss of information or distortion was a major breakthrough in the industry.

It gives your documents a professional appearance. Its knack for compressing large files makes it easy to send large files around. It also saves you a lot of space on your storage devices, which is definitely a plus.

Nevertheless, PDF file format didn’t become popular overnight, as the company charged huge sums for its use when it was introduced. Thankfully, a free version of the Acrobat Reader was developed and until today remains the popular choice for PDF creation.

Benefits of having your document in PDF

A PDF file leaves an ‘electronic’/ ‘digital’ footprint once it is altered in any way. This is because it is a ‘read-only’ file and thus documents in PDF. It is safer to have your documents in PDF to prevent any alteration to your documents. You may also choose to

Also, it ensures that all your visuals from your previous document are kept intact. And you can effortlessly view all these visuals in the new PDF document across any mobile device.


Most Office mobile apps used to create PDF on mobile devices are free for download. These can perform the basic tasks but others may require you to purchase a premium package for more advanced features.

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It doesn’t take too long to create a PDF file on your mobile, once you know what you are doing. Duration could take just a few minutes (if you know the process) or up to an hour (if you are absolutely clueless).



Create a PDF file from an email message or web page

Android & Windows



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Convert a Microsoft Word file to PDF