I feel like moving to LGBTQI-friendly country - Man cries after anti-LGBT+ Bill passage

Some LGBTQ+ people living in Ghana have expressed apprehensions about their safety after the passing of the Anti-LGBT+ bill into law on February 28, 2024.


According to them, they feel unsafe within their own country, with some fearing for their very lives although the bill is now pending presidential assent before it can become law.

In an interview with the BBC, one individual shared his anxiety, stating, "I am so scared, very scared, and I don't know my fate. My life is at stake. It will be my end in Accra."

Another person spoke about the potential detrimental effects of the bill on his employment and personal life, alleging, "My life was somewhat better before this bill came into effect; I lost my job because of my sexual orientation. My employer felt compelled to terminate my employment."

He continued, "She confronted me about my sexuality and urged me to change, citing religious reasons. When I refused, she invoked religious texts, stating that she couldn't employ someone who identifies as gay."


Another individual expressed a strong desire to leave the country in search of safety, saying, "I am considering relocating to an LGBTQI-friendly country where I can live without fear for my safety."

"I've personally experienced multiple attacks from my family after they learned about my sexuality. I had to leave home for a while to protect myself," added another.

The bill, currently awaiting presidential assent, criminalizes and prohibits lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) activities, as well as the promotion, advocacy, and funding thereof.

Those found engaging in such activities could face a jail term ranging from six months to three years, while promoters and sponsors may face imprisonment from three to five years.

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