Prisoner escapes after impersonating sleeping inmate who was due to be released

A smart prisoner managed to escape from jail after impersonating another inmate who had finished serving his sentence and was due to be released on Monday, April 17, 2023.


26-year-old Brian Francisco Roman was in Southwest Washington jail in the USA on a drug possession charge when he pulled the smart trick on the authorities of the correctional facility.

The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office released a statement to detail how the smart prisoner went about beating the system.

“Deputies learned that when a corrections officer went to contact an inmate who was due to be released, all three inmates in the cell were asleep. When the corrections officer called for the inmate, Roman identified himself as that inmate and went with the corrections officer to be processed out of custody. Jail staff stated that Roman and the other inmate have similar physical features,” the statement said.

Interestingly, they even gave him the belongings of the other prisoner, including clothes, keys, and wallet and then sent him off.


“During the release process, Roman received property belonging to the other inmate and signed paperwork by forging that inmate’s name. Among the property turned over to Roman was the victim inmate’s clothing, keys, and wallet, which contained identification and a debit card. Corrections staff did not realize the wrong inmate had been released until the victim inmate contacted them to inquire about when he was to be released,” the Sheriff’s Office added.

The Cowlitz County Prosecutor’s Office has issued a warrant for Brian Francisco Roman’s arrest on charges of Escape 2nd Degree, Criminal Impersonation 1st Degree, Forgery, Theft 2nd Degree, and Theft 3rd Degree.

Reports say Roman has been rearrested.


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