He described the invitation by the police CID as ridiculous.

According to him, the conduct of the Police Service has been questionable in relation to the kidnap of the three Takoradi girls in the Western region.

He said there has been very little professionalism in dealing with the case.

President of Policy Think Tank, IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe
President of Policy Think Tank, IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe

A letter from the CID to the NDC Chairman explained that "Intelligence gathered indicates that some of these kidnappings and fire outbreaks are being orchestrated by unidentified groups, persons and individuals. Some of the persons picked up for interrogation and investigation have mentioned your name as part of a grand scheme designed to cause fear and panic in the country."

It said "The Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service has commenced investigations into cases of kidnapping and fire outbreaks in various parts of the country."

But Franklin Cudjoe said the Police handling of the case has been poor.

Speaking on Accra-based Citi FM, he said "We are told that these kidnappers have been located somewhere. All of a sudden the narrative changes. You ask and they [the CID] say we didn’t say that… You told us that you know where the kidnappers are. Have you found the kidnappers and have they told you that this man is the one who is telling them to go and kidnap?

"So the whole thing begins to look like some comedy of errors and that may have emboldened the NDC."

"It begins to sound a bit ridiculous and for me, that is where I think the opposition is coming from," he added.