Many Ghanaian lecturers are pupil teachers — Retired Appeals Court judge

A retired judge of the Appeals Court, Justice Isaac Duose, has called for university lecturers to acquire teaching qualifications to ensure that students paying tuition fees are getting the most out of their degrees.


According to him, many lecturers in Ghana's public tertiary institutions are not fit to teach.

He said universities should recognise that they need to improve the standards of teaching.

He stated that having a mastery of specialist knowledge does not mean the individual has the techniques and competence to effectively teach at the tertiary level.

"What qualification do they have to teach, they don't have any qualification. They are pupil teachers," he said.


Speaking as a distinguished chairman at the West Africa Heroes of Distinction conference and Awards held in Accra, he indicated that "You must have training in education before you become a teacher. What is happening in this country recently, people go to teacher training colleges they graduate yet the ministry wants them to go and take license to teach, these are people who went through a syllabus designed to make them teachers they were taught in the colleges of education so when they are coming out they are coming out as teachers but we are asking them to go and take licensing in education to teach at the primary schools and other levels yet in the Universities where it matters most the teachers are not supposed to but they call themselves university teachers."

The Justice who doubles as the Board Chairman of the Governing Council of Wisconsin International University College said "If you go to America and you want to teach, you have to take a certificate in teaching. My Daughter is a Lecturer at a University, after her doctoral degree she has to do nine months in pedagogy which is a principal in education before she took a license to teach in a University is people want to go and teach because that has been thought how to teach. In our country just get a Ph.D. and you are good to go, go and teach.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, having been involved in education at the university level for a while, I realized that a Ph.D. is a research degree, and when you research, you have to go to the industry with the research not to go and teach with the research."

"But here, our emphasis is to go to do research and after you have done the research you go and teach with the research. Is it the correct thing to do? At least if you don’t know what to do copy the people who are leading, how much effort do you put into taking a post-graduate diploma in education or certificate in education," he added.


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