According to the PTA, the employees are inexperienced teachers.

Alexander Yaw Danso, President of the Association, said as a result of the unprofessional behaviours exhibited by some teachers and headmasters, the standard of education of Ghana has began to dwindle.

In an interview on Accra-based Kasapa FM, he said "With the gold track students, there are some schools that I visited and the only teachers you will see there are NABCo teachers and I ask, what experience do they have? And for some places, they do not have chemistry and physics teachers.

Free SHS education
Free SHS education

"Some of the teachers and headmasters didn’t help the students. They didn’t teach them anything and when you ask the students, they will tell you. This is all as a result of the extended teaching hours which the teachers feel they can use those couple of hours to make money elsewhere. So the truth is that, after touring all the regions and visiting several schools, interviewing both students and parents, one thing stands out and that is the student are not being well taught."

He stated that teachers can do their best even if the government provides all the basic teaching and learning materials but the education system will fall.

"If the government provides the necessary learning materials for the students to learn and the teachers do their best to teach and parents also do their part, am not sure there will be the need for any extra classes," Yaw Danso added.

Under the double track system, the first batch of candidates are placed on the GREEN TRACK and GOLD TRACK.

Candidates will spend 162 days in the classroom which is equivalent to 81 teaching days each semester.