Scrap Metal Men is a 12-minute documentary set in Agbogbloshie, Ghana - arguably and often referred to as the world’s biggest e-waste dumping site, or second largest, depending on which Western source you quote.

Stripped of narration and other standard documentary features, Scrap Metal Men director Alex Wondergem instead takes a cinéma vérité approach following a day in the life of two Dagbani metal traders - Chief and Life Owner. Through this ‘fly on the wall’ mode of filming, we navigate this landscape by following the daily lives of two ‘scrap metal men’ as they trade and sell metal through congested Ghanaian city roads and markets on wet day in Accra, bargaining and bartering for every Cedi they make.

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is the first major documentary production by Alex Wondergem and Adu Lalouschek.

Both filmmakers are of mixed Ghanaian heritage and Alex has spent the majority of his life living in Accra, Ghana. They met whilst studying for their respective B.A’s in Film & Television at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London). Alex and Adu have worked together on various film projects, as well as starting up their own production company called Gold Storm Productions.

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