Red Velvet Burlesque takes the World of burlesque by storm, Combining innovation with tradition to provide a truly unforgettable experience

The Red Velvet Burlesque Show, a company that focuses on breaking down barriers within the world of burlesque, initially opened its doors to the public in New York City during the global pandemic – one of the most challenging times for businesses in the United States and across the globe.

Red Velvet Burlesque Show

And despite opening at a time when many companies had no choice but to close down for good due to a lack of profit earned, the Red Velvet Burlesque Show managed to experience incredible growth, making quite a name for itself in the industry.

So, what is it about these burlesque performances that are different from the usual shows performed by burlesque dancers? Red Velvet Burlesque believes in kicking things up a notch or two, combining traditional dance moves and styles with other performances, such as belly dancers and contortionists. Hand-selecting only the finest burlesque dancers and performers in the industry, the company has managed to create a variety show that keeps the audience engaged, leaving them on the edge of their seats every time.

The innovative approach to burlesque has enabled Red Velvet Burlesque to experience tremendous growth within the past two years, climbing the charts and quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing entertainment businesses in the country. As people learned about the exciting and creative performances, they felt motivated to purchase tickets to see the action for themselves, ultimately leading to plenty of word-of-mouth marketing for the burlesque company. Word-of-mouth marketing played a significant role in helping Red Velvet Burlesque expand its reach even further, providing exotic cabaret performances for audiences across the country.

Although the exponential growth has been nothing short of amazing for the founders of Red Velvet Burlesque and its incredible, highly skilled performers, the success hasn't come without its fair share of challenges. While tremendous growth is naturally a good thing for any business, especially in the cutthroat entertainment industry, it can lead to jealousy and hate from many people. Long-standing companies that aren't achieving the same goals and potential performers who didn't get selected to work for Red Velvet Burlesque have spent more time hating on the organization and less time working on perfecting their craft.


Sadly, the envy within some people has caused them to attempt to bring Red Velvet Burlesque down by creating a smear campaign against the organization. From making false allegations to coming up with some of the most ridiculous, nonsensical assumptions, the founders of Red Velvet Burlesque and its performers have gracefully dealt with it all. Despite the negativity, the company chooses to rise above, refusing to allow the slander and jealousy of others to bring something down that they've worked incredibly hard to build from the ground up over the past couple of years.

A wise person once said, "If you don't have haters, you're doing something wrong." Keeping this in mind, Red Velvet Burlesque continues to do what it does best – provide one-of-a-kind, genuinely remarkable experiences to the public, leaving audiences in awe over such a thrilling burlesque show like nothing they've ever seen before. If you're interested in indulging in such an unforgettable experience, you can visit to purchase tickets and follow the company on Instagram @RedVelvetBurlesqueShow to stay updated on their latest events.


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