VIDEO: Emmanuel Adebayor sent off after ‘kung fu’ tackle on opponent

Emmanuel Adebayor received his marching orders following a flying kung fu tackle on an opponent in the Copa Libertadores.

Emmanuel Adebayor sent off after ‘kung fu’ tackle on opponent (Video)

The Olimpia striker was named in the starting line-up as the Paraguayan side faced off against Defensa Y Justica on Thursday dawn.

However, the Togo international could not last the entire duration of the game after he was deservedly sent off.

Adebayor received a red card in the 72nd minute after lunging a kung fu tackle into the face of an opponent.

The 36-year-old was aiming to bring down a long ball but seemed not to see the opposing player coming when he flew in with the tackle.

Olimpia, however, went on to win 2-1 against Defensa Y Justica, thanks to goals from Carlos Rolon and Brian Montenegro.

Meanwhile, Adebayor later took to Twitter to praise his teammates for the win, adding that his tackle was unintentional.

“Tough game today! What a great team spirit, and what a win boys. Sad to leave the pitch early on a Jackie Chan challenge.

“It was never my intention to hurt my opponent, And I am glad he is okay,” Adebayor wrote.

Watch the striker's kung fu tackle below:

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