Matic just revealed what Jose Mourinho wrote on that paper in win against Chelsea

Mystery solved. Matic has spilled what his manager wrote on the little paper in Manchester United's win against Chelsea.


With Manchester United leading Chelsea by two goals to one having comeback from a goal down, manager Jose Mourinho decided to send on defender Eric Bailly.

Forget the long discussion the Manchester United bench had with Jesse Lingard before he came on to score the winner, Bailly’s substitution had an interesting bit too.

Jose handed the Ivorian defender a note to give to one of his players on the pitch. With the entire football eyes watching and cameras poised, Eric Bailly walks unto the pitch to hand over the note to Nemanja Matic.

Since then, the hottest mystery in football has been figuring out what Jose Mourinho wrote on the little paper.

Sweat no more. Nemanja took to his Instagram page to reveal the message.

It’s actually a simple one.

‘You have three days off’

Probably from a good performance according to Jose Mourinho’s standards. Smiley face!


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