5 of the most dangerous UFC fighters ever

In the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) it takes a certain level of skill and power to step into an octagon and subject yourself to a series of well-timed and calculated blows to sensitive parts of the body.

MMA is not a sport for the weak

With all that being said, as the average MMA fighter in the UFC takes home at least $ a year, it remains a viable outlet for energetic and brave young men to test their mettle on the highest stage.

Should you find yourself in the octagon anytime soon, here is a friendly tip, pray you do not end up matched against any of these men. Here are five (5) of the most dangerous MMA fighters in recent history.

The man known as ‘The Gamebred fighter’ is a seasoned fighter who made his way up the fighting ladder. The Florida native started fighting in backyard brawls in Florida before embarking on a short-lived boxing journey eventually ending up in MMA.


Masvidal is a very unpredictable fighter and his street fighting experience shows up in the octagon more often than not. His shocking five-second knockout of Ben Askren is still the fastest in UFC history and it won him the inaugural UFC Baddest Mother F***er (BMF) Championship belt.

Masvidal has been embroiled in controversy recently after he allegedly ran up to fellow UFC fighter and his former sparring partner Colby Covington and fractured one of his teeth with a series of punches.

Covington also claimed to have suffered a brain injury from the attack but this was never proved.


Although Masvidal has lost all three of his last fights, it helps to take into account that two of those losses came against a man higher up in this list.

This might be a bit of a cheat as the legendary Brazilian Spider recently called time on his illustrious MMA career, but he was a force to be reckoned with in his days. Silva was simply untouchable - a perfect mix of flexibility and astonishing power, no one could serve a knockout like the Brazilian.


From his UFC debut back in 1997 Silva went on to become an absolute legend in the franchise, holding the records for Longest title reign in UFC history (2457 days), Longest win streak in UFC history (16), Most UFC Middleweight title fights (13), Most wins in UFC Middleweight title fights (11) and the most Knockouts in UFC title fights.

After ending his MMA career, he went back to boxing, his first true love, and he secured a stunning first-round knockout of former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz.


Former UFC champion Brock Lesnar is the epitome of natural fitness. Standing at an imposing 6ft 3in Lesnar has played NFL, and also took up amateur wrestling in his teens going on a ridiculous 33-fight unbeaten streak.

Many people know Lesnar for his time in the WWE and it was one particular incident that qualified him for this list. The WWE, to a large extent, is scripted, with many of the sequences and combos rehearsed.

That didn't matter to Lesnar, who, in his franchise debut, went on to not only defeat Jeff Hardy but also knock him out.


After signing a deal with the UFC, Lesnar went on to become the heavyweight champion after just four fights, and he also managed a successful title defence.

A name that needs little to no introduction, Kamaru Usman is undeniably a beast in the cage. Of his 21 wins in the UFC, 20 have come by knockout, as Usman is famed for his dangerous punches.

The Nigerian nightmare is the highest-ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC. Unlike many other fighters, Usman rarely shies away from competition, and his knockout reel contains names such as Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal, Gilbert Burns, Rafael Dos Anjos and Leon Edwards.


His knockout of Jorge Masvidal showed how devastating his striking power is, and very few fighters would want to be on the receiving end of a punch from Usman.

Kamaru Usman returns to the ring for a rematch with British fighter Leon Edwards.

Cameroonian fighter Francis Ngannou is arguably the hardest hitter in the world. Ngannou holds the record for the hardest punch ever recorded, which came in at 129,161 units.


That punch alone is believed to be the equivalent of being hit by a pick-up truck going at above-average speed!

Ngannou is reportedly looking at a career in boxing when his current contract in UFC is over. We wish his prospective opponents all the luck in the world.

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