A colleague had sent a picture of a group of ladies who attended musician Becca’s wedding.

I thought it was a good picture until I saw the caption, “Ghana Single Mother Association Ghana GHAMSA were there to support Becca at her wedding day."

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It turned out a guy called Fredie Mawuli  posted the picture on his Facebook page with the above caption.

I did not know what reaction the one who sent me the post  was hoping to get, but if the intention was to get me angry , damn right it did!

What have women done to men? What have we done to be at the mercy of their dry joke in this instance.

How women are constantly berated and looked down on for everything they do beats my imagination.

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When a man  has sex with a woman he feels it is a conquest which he has won and the woman has lost.

When a relationship ends up on rocks, it is common to hear the woman has been dumped.

It is okay for a man to have several girlfriends but an abomination for a woman to do same-she will be tagged a whore.

When a woman is successful it is attributed to a man. How could she have done it with sleeping with a man (sugar daddy)

A woman drives a big car, and the assumption is a man definitely bought it for her.

When a man has child without getting married (which is very common by the way)it is okay. Let  a woman do same and she is tagged  a single mother in a derogatory way.

When we stand up for ourselves we are bitter.

When we get angry and express it, we are told to get laid as though a piece of dick can make everything better.

What the hell is Ghana single mothers association? What is that?

So what if the women in the photo are all single mothers. What is so wrong in a woman deciding to keep a baby and raise him/her on her own?

If you found that useless post funny. A lot need to be said about your psyche and you probably need to get your head checked.

Why won’t this attention seeking guy Fredie Mawuli and his likes feel confident to put up such posts?

Over the past few years the media has given one man a supposed counselor Lutterodt  all the platforms digital , radio, tv to spew nonsense about single mothers. As if being a single mother is a plague.

See how Nana Aba Anamoah, Joselyn Dumas and the rest suffered at his lips.

These successful responsible mothers had to be publicly ridiculed for choosing to have a baby.

Have you seen any campaign against single fathers? Have you seen a tweet or a post ridiculing men for raising children on their own?

We should all bow our heads in shame and the gentleman should have been reported and his facebook page taken down. Enough of such nonsense!