One of Destiny's Child's former co-managers, Brian K. Moore has revealed that he is in the middle of producing two biopics about the super all-girls group.

In an exclusive interview with, Moore said:

'Well, after I was approached by several producers who read my book, The Making of a Child of Destiny: The Andretta Tillman Story, and they wanted to take an approach of doing one more focusing on the lives of Destiny’s Child as kids and then another that focused more on Andretta and the management as well as the adult version of the story. So we decided to split it up into two.'

According to reports, the late Andretta Tillman was the true founder of the group, not Matthew Knowles but she was threatened by Beyonce's father to either make him co-manager else he'd pull out his daughter from Girls Time – as the group was formerly called.

'Yeah, that’s a true statement,' Moore admitted, 'When we were managing the group, success started to come. Andretta did an incredible job as far as getting the girls to ‘Star Search’ and where we needed to be in front of the movers and shakers of the industry and all of these wonderful things started to happen. Mathew did work his way into the management team by playing the card of removing Beyoncé.'

Even though Moore didn't say much about the biopics, he mentioned that it will deal with the group's first members till the last and it will centre on their childhoods, relationships and music.

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