Jaden Smith has some abs to show off and the stage is the best place to do so.

The 16-year-old star danced a little bit and showed the audience some love by making a heart symbol with his hands. e was later joined by his also famous sister, Willow Smith, 14, as they ended the show holding hands.

Jaden later tweeted after the festival: ''Thank You London We Love You, And Thank You @PUMA For Our Gear.''

It's not the first time the entertainer is taking off his shirt during a performance. He was confident enough to take off his shirt while performing with sister, Willow at an Afropunk concert on Sunday, May 24.

His shirtless ensemble are not the only reason Jaden has been on the spotlight lately. His constant female outfits in public have also gained some attention.

The young actor was spotted somewhere in Hollywood on June 15 wearing a ton of make up including pink lip gloss, concealer and nose contouring while hanging out with someone allegedly known to be his new gay boyfriend.