Social media 'shakes' as Archipalgo reveals the job he does in America (WATCH)

Archipalago has returned to Ghana for holidays after relocating to the United States of America.


Before leaving Ghana, the proud Kumerican was a full-time social media commentator as he gathered followers and influence with his brutal and comical ways of addressing trending issues. However, things have changed for Palago Mufasa as called by many.

A few months ago, the controversial socialite was spotted in a health worker's outfit in the U.S with reports that he has become a nurse. The photo went viral after Archipalgo posted it and wrote "hard work and dedication".

Upon return to Ghana, Archipalago has granted an interview about his life abroad where he denied being a nurse. Detailing his exact job, he said "I am a sterile processing technician".

Explaining what goes into his job, he also boasted that it is not a small job as he disclosed that he ensures that the tools used by surgeons are clean. However, in the video, Archipalago appeared to have struggled to be able to mention his profession correct.

Hence, inviting trolls to drag him online. "But you still a cleaner," an Instagramer said and another added, "how is that even something to boast about. He is a cleaner literally. It’s the same as washing pots for a chef".

"Masa there’s nothing wrong with ur job so just explain it better. U don’t work with surgeons, ur job description is:- wash surgical equipment after completion of surgical procedures and put them in a sterilizer. That job pays better than some managerial roles here in Ghana but due to ur bragging and teasing nti u are scared to reveal ur job role. Me koraaa if I get some, I go do," another social media said.

Afrer watching the video below, one Prince Asaga added that "I just like how PROUD he is of his job. No matter how small it is, u must put some respect on ur job."


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