Wendy Shay took to Twitter to rain curses on Keche Joshua.

Wendy Shay and Keche
Wendy Shay and Keche

“kecheJoshua are you not ashamed of yourself?.your Wife shd be ashamed of you ..an old artiste mocking a fellow young artiste who is a woman They will do worst things to your daughter For your Info I’m not on drugs and I’m not going thru anything Hater! #bringbackprayfortheworld“.”

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Mzbel despite criticising Keche Joshua for his claims that Shay is going through psychological trauma, believes that the songstress acted childishly by raining insult on her colleague musician.

“What Keche said about the Wendy Shay wasn’t good, but she should come out that way,” she said it on United Showbiz on UTV on Saturday.

“What Wendy said about Keche is childish. Next time Wendy should contact Bullet before saying something like this. She should have contacted an elderly person before doing so”.

It would be recalled that Wendy Shay’s mother Obaapa Kaakyire jumped to the defence of her daughter that she is not on any drugs or suffering any emotional trauma.

Speaking on speculation that she may be depressed, Obaapa Kaakyire Addo in a Facebook live video said: "all that you saying about the girl is not true ... Wendy Shay is not depressed, next month she'll be 25 ... there is no pressure on her to be depressed for any reason"