Yesterday marked Valentine’s Day and millions (if not billions) around the world joined the celebration by sharing gifts – from chocolates to jewellery to expensive cars – with their loved ones.

Ghanaians weren’t left out of the celebration. Despite coronavirus cases surging, people went out and broke the protocols to enjoy the day with their families and loved ones.

Though this occasion has been observed for years and it is known as a day of showing love, counsellor Lutterodt claims the motive behind the occasion is far different from what many perceive.

According to him, Valentine’s Day is earmarked for sexual intercourse, thus, wishing your pastor or people who aren’t your sexual partner is wrong.

“It is wrong to wish your pastor happy Valentine's Day,” he told Halix on Okay FM’s ‘Best Entertainment Show’ today. “Unless your pastor is your sexual partner. You can’t wish Fada Dickson happy Valentine. Does he have sex with you?”

He said organising Valentine’s Day programmes in the church is evil and that it’s a waste of church resource. Lutterodt suggested that the church should rather invite resource persons to educate the youth about sex on Valentine’s Day.

“That is one of the most-evil things done with the church. They are wasting church resources. What church must do on Valentine's Day is to invite a correct resource person to teach the young ones about sex: the duty of the male and female organs and why God created it to get erect and lubricated.”

He concluded, without citing any source or history, that Valentine’s Day celebration “is meant for sex", adding that the history behind the celebration of Valentine's Day has been distorted to favour people.

Watch Counsellor Lutterodt talk about Valentine’s Day below.