Kumawood actress,

In an interview with Nkosuohene, the actress revealed that she is a victim of such acts and until these acts are put to an end, the industry will not move forward.

"Yes, there is hatred and envy in the movie  industry. I am a victim myself. Even the person close to you that you know him or her to be your best friend will be the one killing you. He will show you his teeth when he sees you but behind your back will do something bad to you.

People continuously hate you because you're called on set always and they are not called. People are at loggerheads with others for no reason. But me, I greet them when I meet them because I don't have any problem with anyone," she said.

Bernice Asare is one of the favourite movie actresses on the screens of many Ghanaians especially in the Twi movies. Her first movie that brought her to light was "Awaremu Nsem".