The 44-year-old actor has blasted Hollywood for its gender inequality, revealing that filming Rebecca Miller's 'Maggie's Plan' was the first time he had ever been directed by a woman, despite being in the industry for 30 years.Ethan said: "The movie business is such a boys' club. I have been making movies for 30 years. I've done probably more than 40 movies, and this year is the first time I've been directed by a woman."The actor also responded to the Oscars speech made by his 'Boyhood' co-star Patricia Arquette, which called for equal opportunities for women in the US.Ethan told 'Larry King Now': "Patricia is a brass tacks, old-school feminist and I have so much respect for her. I think it's about time. She's right."The 'Sinister' star added that having three daughters - Maya, 17, Clementine, seven, and four-year-old Indiana - has turned him into a feminist. He said: "People think this gender equality thing has happened, but it's fascinating having three daughters and seeing the world through their eyes. It really does turn you into a feminist."