Skilled and celebrated actress, Akorfa Edjeani, has revealed she is still paying for the Leila Djansi movie she produced.I Sing of a Well, a 2009 Ghanaian film directed by the Hollywood documentary filmmaker starred Jimmy Jean-Louis, JOT Agyeman and Freeman Ekow and Akorfa Edjeani herself.Both Akorfa and Leila who worked hand-in-hand on making the movie an award-winning piece fell out in a major celebrity feud after their project.

Akorfa who is on record to have said she would never work with the award-winning filmmaker again, told Bola Ray on Starr Chat, Wednesday her stance was taken out of guardedness.“I am not picking issues with her," she said, adding “The kind of insults and the kind of things she wrote to me and I never responded”.According to her, Leila refused to acknowledge her commitment to the movie project."I produced it. And so both of us who are supposed to be executive producers, in that, I paid for pre-production and she was supposed to take care of post-production".“So now you know she lives in LA, she comes and goes and so when we finished and she had the rushes to go, then she calls and says she is not my partner anymore. Now she is my investor so I should pay for the script that she wrote, pay her for directing otherwise I’m not going to see the movie, I’m not seeing a dime and so that’s exactly what happened so I haven’t seen a dime till now".Edjeani said the movie cost her about GH¢100, 000 to produce and she is yet to complete payment."Close to a hundred thousand. Yeah. Because of the production and I spent a lot on publicity and all that so if you add all it came to about that and it wasn’t even my personal money because I don’t have that kind of money. I took money from friends, family, my personal money whatever and I’ve been paying ever since" she confessed.“I’m still paying you know,” she told Bola Ray. “I think I'm still left with a little over GH¢25, 000 to pay". As far as the soured relationship goes, the Expectations star said it was all “a good lesson” for her.Akorfa was, however, full of praise for Miss Djansi's talent as a writer."She wrote it and I read it and I liked the story, she was looking for a producer so, I think that since she was a woman, and she went to Mawuli School as well, and I think Leila writes well, she writes nice stories and one of our biggest problem in this industry is good stories and so when I read the story I thought ‘Oh this is a girl that writes well. She’s woman, hey girl power. Let’s come together and let’s do some great work and she starts changing things..."

Source: StarrFm