‘Son of Jacob’: ‘I see myself as an artist who preaches’ - Kwesi Arthur

The venue for Kwesi Arthurs’s ‘Son of Jacob’ private listening was packed with fans and industry people yearning to be the first ones in the public to hear the much-anticipated new tracks.

Kwesi Arthur

And they were not disappointed.

The ambience and the teeming young people who gathered at the Barbados, One Airport Square, to support the launch of the 3 years in the making album, showed Ghanaian youth adore quality craft - and that was exactly what was presented to them by Kwesi and his team.

Watching him closely from where he sat, it became apparent that Kwesi didn’t put his sweat into this body of art just for his fans and music lovers. He also enjoyed the songs as he bobbed his head to the rhythm anytime his interview with the host of the night was paused for a song to be listened to.

But the question which could not be circumvented by any interviewer, else he or she might be deemed not worth their salt, is the issue about how long this album has been waited on.

To this question, Kwesi said it was never the intention of his team to keep that long.

“How this one came together was kind of spiritual. We didn’t intend for it to take so long, but I feel like us taking our time with it too helped the project to make it what it is today. Because if it came out two years ago, or a year ago, we wouldn’t have some of the songs we have on it right now. It’s God’s timing.”

The years definitely added value to the album. The first song I instinctively streamed was ‘No Regrets’ - a Kwesi Arthur trademark.

It is laced with blatant truths, his experiences as a human and as an artist and his fears. But what always makes him stand out is the strong self-belief that is a prerequisite for all success. In a line in the song, he says:

“The next time you see my name on the Billboard, it will be top hundred.”

Son of Jacob is a 15-track album with features from Adekunle Gold, NSG, Bigg Homie Flee among several other acts.

Regardless of the fact that Kwesi added three songs, which have already been enjoyed for a while now by music enthusiasts on the album, they clearly deserved to be there. Not just because of the traction ‘Baajo’, ‘Celebrate’ and ‘Wining’ have garnered, but their quality cannot be underestimated.

Moreover, one question most people have asked since the rapper and singer made the title of this album public has been why ‘Son of Jacob.’

Kwesi Arthur said “Son of Jacob because it came to me. All my titles come to me at random times. I don’t know how it happens but it just happens. Son of Jacob was one of the titles that came to me and I was like this one is an album title.”

When I asked him if he had one converging idea that can sum up the album, he said succinctly that the album is about his “experiences” and that he wouldn’t give it a specific theme.

Kwesi, who grew up in a Christian home and helped his uncle at his church when he was young, said he feels “more spiritual now” and that, although he might not be on the pulpit, his songs are not any different from sermons.

“I see myself as an artist who preaches. If I will sing or rap there will be a message. It’s about real life.

“The project is about different experiences. It is about different people. It is about different lives. If you listen to it you will understand.”

The private listening was alive like hot coals as it was graced by many people in the music, dance and movie industries. And of-course, the media was present.

However, one thing that most of the people who showed up could have ensured was to be quiet since they came to listen.

'Son of Jacob' is available here.

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